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Sarah regularly consults for national television including Today Tonight, The Project, all the morning talk shows and a documentary for Good Medicine Good Sex. Sarah writes and consults for national, local & professional newspapers including Financial Review and The Age.

Sarah is an author with ‘Who’s Your?’ and ‘Mamamia’.

Sarah consults for national and international magazines as diverse as Cosmopolitan; Madison; New Woman; Pregnancy and Birth and Studio Bambini as well as professional magazines.

Professional Speaker

Sarah is a presenter/trainer for professional groups; specialist interest groups and charity fund raisers.

Sarah’s use of humour as part of her ‘infotainment package’ makes her a popular speaker. She inspires and challenges her audience through the provision of realistic strategies to make a positive difference to their lives.

      • Sexpert on Happy Sex, Happy Relationships
      • Transitional changes in education, workplace and relationships
      • Managing work/life balance
      • Managing workplace relationships and improving communication skills
      • Realistic parenting

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