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What is counselling?

Psychological Counselling is a talking method of helping clients.

Who has Counselling?

People who come for psychological counselling differ in their beliefs, their occupations, their ages and the issues they wish to resolve. Sarah identifies she is privileged to work with people who have the courage to take action to search for different strengths and new methods to deal with a wide range of personal problems and relationship issues.

What is CBT?

Research has found Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to be the most effective treatment for many psychological problems. CBT helps you identify where your thoughts, attitudes or beliefs are unhelpful and replace them with more positive responses.

Using CBT, Sarah customises personalized strategies to suit the needs of the goals her clients gave set for therapy.

What is ACT Mindfulness?

The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model, with its emphasis on mindfulness, values and action, is ideally suited for executive coaching and counselling. Mindfulness facilitates stress reduction, boosts confidence, improves focus, develops self-awareness and enables people to handle difficult emotions such as irritation and anxiety. ACT interventions can be incorporated into other coaching models, or ACT can be used as its own self-contained model.

Sarah’s approach to therapy…

I am a proactive listener; I don’t just nod and take notes. I engage with what clients say and offer feedback. My clients expect me to motivate and inspire them with hope for a better outcome. I accept this challenge! 

Action Therapy resolves:

      • Depression, Anxiety & Stress
      • Relationship & Sexual issues
      • Illness, Trauma & Grief
      • Achieve Conflict Resolution
      • Assertiveness Training
      • Success Coaching
      • Life transition Issues
      • Increase motivation & performance
      • Parenting Support

Where appropriate I use:

      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
      • Positive Psychology
      • Mindfulness through Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
      • Narrative Therapy
      • Drama Therapy
      • Self-hypnosis training
      • Coaching and Mentoring

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