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Coaching has evolved…

In the past, there were the elders of the Tribe. The next evolution was Mentors that would nurture and supervise us. Now we have evolved to the Life Coach. Who better qualified to coach you than your Psychologist!

What does Coaching Involve?

The first session usually involves an assessment of your global goals and designing an action plan. Subsequent sessions focus on specific goals; solutions; measurable outcomes and results.

You are a candidate for Life Coaching if:

      • You identify a need for change in your life
      • You need clear and measurable goals
      • You identify that a support person will keep you motivated and focused
      • You expect ongoing results and accountability each session
      • You enjoy being inspired to exceed your expectations
      • You want to celebrate your success

 Why Psychologists make better coaches

Coaching psychologists work with clients using a range of well-researched techniques to help clients reach goals in their personal and business lives.

The goals of coaching may be personal or organizational; or they might be about more concrete outcomes such as negotiating an increase of salary or passing an exam for the enhancement of life experience, work performance and well being.

An advantage of seeing a coaching psychologist, as opposed to just a coach is that if you have more emotional distress than you realised, you can be accurately diagnosed and therapy can be provided.


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