Sh!t my clients teach me

Continuing my series of posts where I share with you the joy and wisdom my clients share with me

 My practice logo of the frog is symbolic of the fact that frogs are the oldest surviving species because they don’t stay stuck. They adapt and take a calculated leap to get ahead! Just like my clients!


#2 Consent is the new foreplay

 Definition of Consent: From the Latin words Con, meaning together Sentire, meaning feeling

My clients teach me that for them, having clarity when communicating sexual intent creates positive outcomes. The presence of a YES not only confirms consent, but is part of the ‘verbal intercourse’ celebrating their sexual relationship.

 Research shows:

- For most people consent is given by permitting touch and physically not resisting advances.

- Many people give consent by not opting out. This is the sexual script our culture has written. It is what we see on the internet, in movies, song lyrics and is reflected by peer groups.

- There are many reasons a person would not resist sexual advances, including; fear, confusion about their sexual identity, embarrassment, presumed obligation to their partner, intoxication and disability.

- You may be able to say or gesture yes, but our law specifies whether or not you can give legal consent, and if you’re under the age of consent there may be legal consequences.

So how are my clients making positive, informed choices about consent and foreplay, moving forward from the ‘Absence of a No’ past?

 My clients know that consent is the new sexy and…..

- ‘Gifted lovers’ understand that the presence of a ‘yes’ rather than an absence of a ‘no’ is the new foreplay.

- The key to becoming a good lover is having good communication, so we should all be educated and develop competency with this skill!

- Seduction is about making each other feel desired and desirable, and enables a pathway to mutual consent

-The correct amount of foreplay, to the second, is……24/7. It’s about an ongoing attitude

My clients and I all agree that great foreplay is more likely to lead to orgasmic outcomes!